Funny Parenting Memes of the Week-Vol 2

Funny Parenting Memes of the Week-Vol 2

Each week we share with you some of the funniest parenting memes and adulting memes we find.  We know how hard this parenting thing is.  We also know we are far from perfect and that although we try, most of the time things just don’t go the way we planned.  Sometimes we need to not take the job so seriously.  So take a couple minutes, relax and enjoy this week’s Funny Parenting Memes of the week!!!

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1)  Sometime they know, sometimes they don’t.

Funny Parenting Meme









2)  And then they make up for it.

3)  Ya, Friday Night by Katie Perry should not be sung by a 3 yr old.

Mom Memes

4)  Ohhh grandpa!!!

5)  It’s soooo overrated!!!

6) Our kids may still have squashed faces.

7)  And we can’t find the dice.

8) Sometime they take FOREVEEEEEER!!

9) Who’s the boss NOW!!!

10) I Gotta Tell ya…

Funny Parenting Memes of the week